by Emilie

The requirement for vendor meals (or lack thereof) varies depending on the company.  Since every vendor is different, we suggest reaching out to each of them and asking. 

A general rule of thumb is to feed any vendor who is working at both the ceremony and reception, or is working for the entirety of the day.  This will likely include your:

  • Videographer(s)
  • Photographer(s) 
  • Planner or Coordinator 
  • Possibly the DJ or Band

Even if it is not required, providing a meal is still highly recommended and much appreciated!  Allowing your vendors to take a quick break will let them refuel, so they can keep up the good work.  Please keep in mind that most of these people will be on their feet, running around all day to stay on track.  The LAST thing you want to happen on your big day is having someone feeling lethargic, lightheaded, fainting, or making major errors!

Bonus Tip: We are always so grateful when clients ask about any food allergies/dietary restrictions!  That kindness does not go unnoticed.