by Kenton

When planning a day as important as your wedding, you want to make sure that you plan everything out accordingly in order for it to be a day that will be important, meaningful and memorable to everyone attending. One of the many choices you have to make is deciding whether the ceremony should be held in or outdoors, which is crucial for the people attending as well as for the photographers/videographers who plan to capture each and every moment.

An outdoor wedding can provide for a lot more open space, which allows for a much larger capacity of guests and embellishments; as well as for a lot more roaming space for those who are filming or taking pictures. There is also an abundance of beautiful scenery, atmosphere and landscapes for the guests to take in; not to mention all the clean fresh air and ambience of the great outdoors, as opposed to just sitting in a crowded and air conditioned church building. It also provides natural lighting for the photographers, which makes it slightly easier for them when trying to adjust the settings on their cameras.

Having your wedding take place outside also comes with the risk of bad weather, however. Which can be unpredictable when planning your wedding months in advance; and if you don’t already have a well thought out back up plan, it may end up leading to sudden postponement or cancellation of the wedding entirely. There are also bugs and wildlife that are likely to intrude that need to be taken into consideration, depending on the time of year and time of day.

Also; weddings are already expensive enough as it is, and as beautiful as it would be to have your wedding take place outdoors, it also comes with a price. Rental costs for the locations you plan to reserve, tents, catering, etc. could easily add up in large amounts by the end of the night.

Wherever a wedding takes place is entirely up to the bride and groom, but there are important things to consider when choosing to have it set outside; and the decision should best be discussed practically amongst one another as well as with the wedding planner.


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