by Emilie

With all the excitement, emotions, and the fast pace of a wedding day, it can be incredibly easy to become so engrossed in the moment that you completely forget to take some things into consideration.  

To avoid some simple mistakes that can greatly impact your upcoming wedding video, we’ve compiled a list of some common accidents you can prevent! 

A general point for your bridal party to keep in mind throughout the day:

Be aware of where the videographer’s cameras are placed (especially ones on tripods). Now, we don’t want anyone being hyper-aware of the camera’s presence to the point of feeling distracted or uncomfortable.  Just be on the lookout for them so you don’t accidentally block their shot.  This is particularly common during the reception introductions.  Videographers will often set up a camera on a tripod, at the edge of the dancefloor.  The bridal party enters and starts lining up for the happy couple’s grand entrance, and sometimes blocks that camera.  Unfortunately, this renders that camera pretty useless in the editing process later.  

For anyone who will be giving a toast, or using a microphone for any other reason:

  1. Do not hold the microphone super close to your mouth.  Keeping it a few inches from your face is great.  Having the mic pressed against your lips will cause the audio equipment to pick up your breath on top of your words, and it will sound very harsh when played back.  
  2. Hold the microphone by its handle, not the top.  This seems obvious, but you’d be surprised how many folks grip the microphone at the top.  As you can imagine, this blocks the mic’s ability to pick up your audio.
  3. Try to limit your hand motions when speaking.  We understand that many people talk with their hands, especially when telling a riveting story!  But this can affect how consistently the mic picks up your voice.  It can create a rollercoaster of audio levels.  When you move the mic away from you, your voice will sound further away.  
  4. Try not to pace too much while speaking.  Again, we know how easy it is to get carried away when telling a great story.  Please, just try to stay within the camera’s frame!  This mainly applies when only one videographer is on site.  When someone is shooting solo, they cannot control all of their cameras at the same time.  Hence why one camera is usually set up on a tripod, while the videographer maneuvers with the other one to get the best angles.  Please try to stay in a spot where the stationary camera can see you.  

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