by Emilie

Depending where your wedding is taking place, you may have lots of options for wedding videographers in the area.  Below are some tips to help you choose the right videographer for you and your fiance.

Price Range: Once you determine your budget for videography, you should first eliminate any videographers who do not fall within it.  Sites like The Knot and WeddingWire let you filter vendors by price range, which is super helpful.

Style: Style can refer to a few things.  First, take a look at some videos from different companies, and see which visual style, or aesthetic, you are drawn to.  Do you seem to always click on artistic ones, or documentary-style ones?  Modern, or vintage?  Simple, or stylized?  Next, you should keep in mind which shooting style you would prefer your videographer to have on your wedding day.  Will they be relatively unobtrusive, just in the background, capturing moments as they happen?  Or, do they take a hands-on approach and get very involved with directing or posing couples?  This is something to ask when talking to different companies.

Offerings: What sort of features or products are you hoping for?  We’ve compiled a list of some ideas, below. 

  • Raw footage (Make this clickable so it takes readers to the Raw Footage post)
  • Drone
  • Digital file
  • Proofing/Revisions
  • Same-day or Expedited editing
  • Hard copies (DVDs, Blu-Rays, USB)
  • Social media videos (Highlight reel, Instagram video)
  • Full Length video 

Availability: This one is obvious.  But once you figure out the above factors, reach out to any videographers who meet your criteria and see if they have your date available.

Bonus: Do they offer both videography and photography?  Some couples prefer to hire a company that offers both, while others are completely fine with hiring separate vendors.