by Emilie

One Videographer should suffice if you have:

Small-to-moderate wedding – Less than 300 guests

Only one or two locations involved – Everyone is getting ready at the same hotel, then heading to the venue for both the ceremony and reception?  Perfect!

Multiple Videographers would be ideal if you have:

Large wedding – 300+ people

Many filming locations – For example, you’re getting ready at Mom & Dad’s house, while your fiance is getting ready at their place, 25 minutes away.  But then everyone is going to a park for your First Look and photo session, before heading over to the church, followed by the reception venue.  Lots of location hopping!

Cultural traditions involved – Especially if they will be taking place simultaneously, with you and your fiance in separate areas.

Guest interviews – Honestly, we don’t recommend doing guest interviews.  It makes people uncomfortable, putting them on the spot and having a camera in their faces.  Plus, it’s usually just the same message, over and over.  How many different ways can you say “Congrats, we wish you both the best!”?  But we understand that some couples enjoy them.  If you only have one videographer and they are conducting interviews, it greatly increases the chances of them missing other special moments happening at the reception.

MUST capture both of your reactions when walking down the aisle – Especially for church ceremonies, because churches often have restrictions as to where videographers can place their cameras.  This is sometimes doable with one videographer, by panning from the bride’s entrance, to the groom’s reaction, and then back to the bride.  But, it is not guaranteed.  To guarantee this, we recommend having multiple videographers.