by Emilie

When looking to hire a videographer for your wedding, you’re faced with the (sometimes daunting!) task of determining how long you’ll need them on your special day.  When should they start?  At what point should they leave?  You don’t want to be duped into paying for more coverage than is actually necessary, but also don’t want to miss out on getting some special moments on camera.

How many hours of coverage will you need for your wedding day?  This will vary, depending on each couple’s timeline for the day.  But, as a general rule of thumb, we recommend starting with the last hour of your prep.  This will give your video a nice, strong opening and help it flow a lot better!  During this time, the videographer can get wonderful candid shots of you and your fiancé, getting ready with your closest friends and family.  It’s also the perfect opportunity to get shots of all the precious little details, such as your rings, dress on the hanger, matching bridal party gifts (robes, flasks, etc.), letter readings, and other sentimental accessories.

(If you’re not sure what time your prep will end: If you are doing a First Look, you will probably finish getting ready about 2 hours before the ceremony.  If not doing a First Look, you’ll likely wrap up an hour before the ceremony.)

Then, we suggest having the videographer stay up until the 3rd hour of the reception.  That’s typically enough to capture all the major moments (entrances, first dance, parent dances, toasts, and guests having fun on the dancefloor).

However, you may consider extending your videography coverage if you plan on having a special sendoff or something at the end of the reception that you would like filmed.  Since sendoffs are relatively quick, many couples just opt to have their photographer there for that.

Hope this helps!