by Emilie

The most concise answer to this popular question is YES!  We highly recommend that all couples look into having videography at their wedding.  Some think that having a photographer will be enough.  While it’s great that photographers can capture still moments, they are unable to provide you with the invaluable opportunity to watch everything again in motion, just as it happened.  Through your wedding video, you will be able to relive the day all over again.  

Wedding videography allows you to hear your vows, the toasts at the reception, and have lasting memories of your loved ones for years to come.  It can also capture moments that you and your fiance may not see the day of, while you’re busy taking photos or chatting with guests.  Videography is great if you have friends or family members who are unable to attend the wedding due to long distance, health, age, prior commitments, etcetera.  It’s also a keepsake for future generations.

So, if you’re on the fence about hiring a videographer for your big day, we strongly suggest that you explore your options!  Months of planning and effort lead to this day, which will ultimately fly by so quickly.  It really is best to capture moments and audio that photos cannot.